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Preventive Mold Maintenance a Matter of Necessity

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Oct 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Investing in an injection mold to support high volume production is often the largest purchase to get an injection molding program off the ground.  With the exception of the molding press, the injection mold itself is usually the highest up-front cost.  If a press requires maintenance, however, the mold can be moved to another press to continue production.  If the mold goes down, production stops. Just like capital equipment requires maintenance, the injection mold itself requires a regular maintenance program to keep the mold in optimum condition.  

A properly constructed, quality mold is the key to quality parts.  Adhering to a regular preventive mold maintenance regimen is a matter of necessity to consistently produce quality parts within customer specification.   

Preventive Mold Maintenance Vital to Production

Performing preventive mold maintenance, before the mold requires repairs, is vital to supporting high volume production.   Determining the proper maintenance regimen for injection molds is not a one size fits all scenario.  Each mold is unique to the parts it produces and can be simple or complex, single or multi-cavity, cold or hot-runner, and any other number of distinct factors that exist in injection molds.

It is important to evaluate the condition of your tool after a set amount of cycles to formulate a preventive mold maintenance plan.  Some tools can run 50,000 cycles before they require maintenance, while others will need to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly after only 25,000 cycles.  The plastic resin used in the molding process has impact on the wear and tear on the tool as a glass filled nylon, for example, will place greater wear on the tool than non-glass filled material.  

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What is the Cooling Time Required in an Injection Mold?

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Sep 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM


One common question that we hear when designing and building injection molds is “What is the cooling time required within the injection mold?”  The answer to the required cooling time depends upon several factors including the processing parameters, the material used, and of course the part and mold design itself.

Molding Parameters Affecting Cooling Time and Shrink Rate

Molding parameters have a significant impact upon the final properties of an injection molded part.  Processing conditions affecting the final part geometry include temperatures, packing parameters (clamping pressure and barrel size), cooling time, and injection speed.  Each of these conditions plays a role in how the material will solidify and how much cooling time is required to meet part specifications.

The injection molding processor should work closely with the mold designer for optimum tool design based on the molding conditions.   

Resin and Shrink Rate

While the resin will have direct impact on cooling and shrink rate as each polymer has specific properties, the molding conditions also have significant impact on the final material properties for any part design.  The two most important molding parameters affecting the polymer material are the melt temperature, and the mold temperature.   

Skilled mold designers are well versed in the various properties of polymer resins, and will design the mold with specific molding process parameters in mind, in addition to the shrink rate of the material.

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Consider the Resin for Plastic Injection Mold Design

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Aug 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM


When designing a plastic injection mold, the mold designer must consider the type of resin and the resin properties that will be used in the molding process.  Thermoplastic engineering resins are the most common type of plastic resin used for the injection molding process.   An experienced mold design engineer will take into consideration the various properties of the resin such as elasticity, fatigue strength, shrink rate, resistance to corrosives or high temperatures, and finish such as matte or polished.  

Elasticity and Fatigue Strength

The resin used to mold a particular product is chosen due to its properties.  For a product that needs a rubber like property with some room to bend or give a little in its application, the print may call for a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with high elasticity properties.   This type of resin is often used in over-molding applications where a vertical press will mold a rubber like finish around an insert, using a shuttle mold design.

The injection mold design engineer must be aware of the elasticity of the resin and any critical areas when designing the tool to meet part specifications.  

Shrink Rate of Thermoplastic Resins

The shrink rate of the chosen resin is extremely important, as the cavities would have to account for shrinkage after ejection while still meeting part specification.   The cooling rate is also an important property for ejection as the part must be completely solidified prior to ejection.

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Top Considerations for a Hot Runner Mold

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Jun 30, 2017 8:00:00 AM


If you are considering a hot runner mold for your next injection molding job, you are probably weighing the benefits versus the costs.  A hot runner mold is typically more expensive to construct, but the return on investment can be well worth it.  Here are some of the most important considerations when contemplating a hot runner mold.

Elimination of Costly Runners

One of the greatest benefits realized from a hot runner mold is the elimination of costly runners.  If the design of a cold runner mold would produce a large runner that would go to waste, a hot runner tool can provide a quick return on investment.  This is especially true if the part itself is small or a micro molding job, the runner is often larger than the molded part or parts.

If your resin is a specialty raw material, it can be even more beneficial to pay more for a hot runner tool, and save considerably by not wasting expensive raw plastic resin.  If the job is projected to support a high-volume production requirement over an extended period of time, the savings in material can be tremendous, especially if you cannot reuse the runner as regrind material.   

A quick cost analysis should reveal the savings in material versus a cold runner tool.  Michiana Global Mold can assist you in determining your cost savings with a hot runner tool design.  

Improved Geometrical Tolerances

In a cold runner tool, the raw material flows through the runner system into the cavities molding the part, as opposed to the hot runner tool where material is injected directly into the cavity through a nozzle.  By injecting material directly into the cavities, the material fills and packs with more pressure thus improving filling into critical dimensions.  

The improved pressure of a hot runner mold can improve the quality of tight tolerance parts requiring critical fill areas.   Michiana Global Mold has vast experience designing hot runner molds with tight geometric tolerances, and satisfying strict customer specifications.

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Injection Mold Manufacturers at Amerimold Expo 2017 

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on May 31, 2017 8:00:00 AM


 Injection Mold Manufacturers at Amerimold Expo 2017

You can find Michiana Global Mold, innovative injection mold manufacturers, at the 2017 Amerimold show this year, June 14-15 in Chicago, IL.  Don’t miss this annual event for all injection mold making companies, suppliers and OEMs.  Since 1999, the Amerimold show is the annual place where the expert injection mold makers in the industry gather to discuss new business developments and best practices.  Moldmaking Technology, Plastics Technology, and Modern Machine magazines present the show each year, where tool and die shops, injection mold making companies, and equipment suppliers participate with exhibits.  

These impressive and modern exhibits showcase advancements in technology, manufacturing and of course, precision injection mold making.  OEMs and manufacturers of all sizes attend the Amerimold show each year, searching for a forward thinking, efficient and quality minded injection mold making company to add value to their supply base.  

Michiana Global Mold has all of those qualities.   Stop by Booth #635 to see how we can assist you with your injection mold making requirements.  We have been in business for over 50 years, manufacturing the tight tolerance, precision custom molds that other mold making companies shy away from.  Our skilled designers and journeyman mold makers are experienced in manufacturing all types of molds with complex designs, to your specification and delivered on time.  

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Recognized Industry Leaders | Plastic Mold Manufacturing

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on May 1, 2017 1:58:03 PM


Recognized Industry Leaders in Plastic Mold Manufacturing

Michiana Global Mold is an innovative tool design and mold builder, leading the injection mold industry with complex, precision plastic mold manufacturing.   Michiana Global Mold manufacturers various types of plastic and rubber injection molds, transfer compression molds and brass forging dies.  Established in 1964, Michiana Global Mold is recognized in a recent episode on the “World’s Greatest” television show for our vast expertise and precision capabilities.  


Quality Engineers and Purchasing Agents tasked with sourcing new model parts are always looking for experience and expertise in their plastic mold manufacturing suppliers.  Michiana Global Mold employs a skilled staff of knowledgeable engineers and journeyman mold makers, with the experience and knowledge to design and build even the most challenging tool designs.  We excel at complex, precision plastic mold manufacturing which is very common with part designs in the automotive industry.  Michiana Global Mold is a valued supplier to the Automotive industry, meeting stringent quality and delivery requirements.  


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Innovative Injection Mold Maker on World's Greatest TV Show!

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Apr 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Michiana Global Mold, a high-quality, precision injection mold maker, has been selected to be featured on the “World’s Greatest” television show!  The World’s Greatest TV show is filmed by award winning and state-of-the-art video producers from How 2 Media in Boynton Beach, FL.   The World’s Greatest is dedicated to informing, educating, and entertaining viewers, giving a “behind the scenes” look at unique and innovative companies, products, people and places all over the world.

We are honored and excited to be included in a segment of the show, which airs on Monday, April 10th, at 6 am EST.  Please tune in or set your DVR to record our episode #241 which airs on Channel 305 with Direct TV, or on Channel 250 with Dish Network.  (you may see this as “paid programming” on your guide) You can also click on this link to view the TV Listing online.  

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Domestic Service with Benefits of Mold Makers in China

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Mar 7, 2017 9:20:00 PM

If you are tasked with finding off-shore injection mold makers in China, there are many points to consider for a successful program launch.  Michiana Global Mold is a custom precision injection mold supplier that has been providing quality Class A steel molds for production in various industries since 1952.   We have a partnership with Modular Mold, our China mold maker, and can assist you with all considerations so that you can focus on your project requirements.   

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What are the Benefits of ISO 9001 Registration

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Jan 30, 2017 3:53:30 PM

What are the Benefits of ISO 9001 2015 Registration? 

Why is ISO So Important? 

There are many benefits of ISO 9001 2015 Registration and we have highlighted below what we consider to be the Top Five Main Benefits of conformance to ISO Standards.  ISO9001:2015 is a globally accepted set of Quality Standards that provides uniform methods of measurement to an organization’s quality systems.  A Certificate of Conformance is issued upon successfully passing an external audit performed by a highly-trained auditor.   

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Injection Mold Tool Design Considerations

Posted by Michiana Global Mold on Jan 18, 2017 1:43:00 PM

Michiana Global Mold has years of experience determining the correct type of mold to build for your parts requirements.  Our engineering group considers all aspects of the mold build including part design and volume required, the molding environment and mounting systems, specific mold action activity including cams, lifters and custom ejection systems, resin used and specific customer requirements.  After careful consideration of your project requirements, our team can recommend the proper mold for the job.  Please see following a description of the most common types of mold bases. 

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