• Custom Mold Makers

    From simple prototype or an extremely complex or intricate multi-cavity mold, we have the technology and experience to meet your custom mold making needs.

Custom Mold Makers

Michiana Global Mold is among the most respected custom mold makers. From over half a century of experience to our dedication to quality to our international partnership, we continually strive to offer the best rubber and plastic injection molds to our clients. Whether you need a simple prototype or an extremely complex or intricate multi-cavity mold, we have the technology and experience to meet your needs.

An Exceptional Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

The company was founded in 1964 in the small town of Mishawaka, Indiana. However, it did not take long before our dedication to quality and customer service began to make us stand out from the other custom mold makers.

With a facility that is now about 25,000 square feet and houses some of the latest technology, from high-speed CNC machining centers to wire and conventional EDMs, our teams have everything required to make top quality molds. This allows them to rework existing molds or begin new molds based on specifications and coordination with clients, no matter how simple or complex the requirements are.

Our partnership in China gives us a distinct advantage in terms of cost. Our partners ensure that their staff understands the intricacies of each project so that the final results are exactly what the client expects. However, all of the planning and inspections are conducted domestically.

Custom Mold Making Process

All projects begin with our design department where the experts review all of the available information regarding each custom mold. They determine the right methods and procedures to produce the final product. With over 650  years of combined experience, our designers and toolmakers can analyze and evaluate what is needed based on traditional methods and new technology. With such an extensive range of knowledge and talent, they are able to interpret the requirements and requests of clients to optimal effect. They remain in close communication with clients so that each phase of the process, from design to the first prototype, follows the client’s specific requests and instructions. With the wide range of specialized and high-tech machines and tools, our teams are able to work together to determine the optimal means of producing the required mold. In terms of custom mold makers, Michiana has set the standard for maintaining the best of advanced machining and the intricacies of traditional, manual processes.

Once our partner completes the final version of each mold, it is returned to the Mishawaka, Indiana facility. Included in the facility is an area dedicated to inspecting each shipment to ensure all of our products meet the specifications and requirements set forth by each customer.

At Michiana Global Mold, we understand that you have to combine the latest in technology with the best of the traditional practices to offer customers the best results. By partnering in China, our products combine the knowledge and practices established on two different continents to maximum effect. With our top priority being meeting or exceeding client expectations, we are always looking for ways to remain among the best custom mold makers around the globe.