• Custom Plastic Molds

    Designing and producing a custom plastic molds to meet the specifications of the plastic part the first time around is what makes MG Mold the best.

Custom Plastic Molds

custom-plastic-mold.pngIf your products are made with plastic parts created with the injection molding process, you will need custom plastic molds used in the plastic injection process. Designing and producing the custom plastic molds to meet the specifications of the plastic part can be challenging, especially for high precision, complex plastic parts.

With over 50 years of experience and a focus on quality, Michiana Global Mold is one of the best in our industry. Most of our projects are designing and producing customized molds for our clients to fulfill a need for a unique or specialized plastic part. Our partnership in China gives us the extra advantage of being able to offer the best quality custom plastic molds at very competitive rates. Combined, we have more than 650 years of experience in making nearly any kind of mold, from the simple prototype to complex, multi-cavity mold.

We Are Your Custom Plastic Mold Partner

From the beginning of every project, we communicate and coordinate closely with each client to ensure that the mold is done right the first time. All projects are managed from our Mishawaka, Indiana facility, as well as all final inspections prior to shipment.

Depending on what the part is used for and how many will need to be produced, most molds are composed of metal alloys, with steel being the most common and durable. The metal alloy injection molds are engineered to meet the customer’s specification and requirements.

The reason Michiana Global Mold is one of the best in the business is because we combine the best of the latest in technology with proven, traditional methods.

Our 25,000-foot facility in Mishawaka, Indiana is a unique setup of the latest in machining coupled with areas that employ traditional tools, including the following:

  • Conventional and wire EDMs
  • Engineering CAD/CAM machines
  • CNC milling centers
  • Drills, grinders, and saws
Using these tools, we have the ability to create molds, from the simplest prototype to the most complex and intricate molds, including the following:

  • Cold runner
  • Collapsible core
  • Insert
  • Shuttle
  • Stack
  • Production and prototype
  • Unscrewing