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    MG Mold is your Electronics Parts Mold Makers. From intricate and complex molds to simple molds we manufacture electronics part molds for OEM.

Electronics Parts Mold Makers

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injection mold part
injection mold part

Keeping up with all of the changes in electronics can be incredibly difficult, but that is why it is so important to have the right molds for different electronic needs. If you have a highly complicated electronic subassembly part, for example, we have the experience to produce these intricate molds cost-effectively and in a reasonable time. That is what makes Michiana Global Mold an ideal choice for your electronic molds.

Founded in 1964, our company began as a small mold producer in Mishawaka, Indiana. With over half a century of learning and growing, we’ve become one of the most reliable and efficient mold makers, thanks in large part to our dedication to quality and process. Whether you need to update or modify a mold you had developed elsewhere or require a new mold made from your specifications, we have the experience and knowledge to provide a nearly perfect mold the first time.

Our Chinese partners are a big part of the reason we are able to offer competitive rates with our vast range of skills and abilities. With a facility nearly twice the size of our US facility, our partner is able to produce many product molds quickly. However, all of the project management and coordination with clients is done from our Mishawaka facility in Indiana. All shipments to US clients are all sent through our US inspection team prior to each shipment.

Our Indiana facility is 25,000 square feet and houses the latest in high speed CNC machining centers, as well as wire and conventional EDMs. We also have the experts to get the most from these technologies. With cross-functional teams who have different specializations and knowledge, each project is a truly collaborative effort that focuses on getting the mold right the first time. This approach requires close coordination with both customers and our partner, which is achieved through a secure data transfer process.

When it comes to engineering and producing the best electronic molds, our teams understand a wide range of different needs, including the following mold types:

  • Automotive electrical inserts
  • Consumer electronics
  • High-end business furniture electronics
  • Electric motor over-molds
  • Numerous types of electrical insert molds

By coordinating with you, we are able to give you a much greater return on investment than many of our competitors. Michiana Global Mold aims to meet or exceed the expectation of every client as we develop the highest-quality electronic part molds

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