• Mold Design Consultation

Mold Design Consultation

MGM Difference Can Be Seen From Mold Design To Manufacturing

complext oem mold

  1. Highly regarded for developing complex molds
  2. All Mold Designers Originate As Journeymen Mold Makers
  3. Thorough understanding of injection processing parameters, mold flow, resins, shrink factors, cooling, venting, and cavitation
  4. Skilled with the most recent techniques in design and manufacturing
  5. Experienced & Knowledgeable in latest CAD, Cam, and 3-D visualization software packages including UG, CadKey, Solidworks & Mastercam
  6. Cross Functional Design approach leading to designs with consideration given to costs and maintenance requirements.
  7. Data sharing portals including FTP and Dropbox
  8. Effective and Close communication with customers covering all aspects of design and part mold-ability from conception through DFM
  9. All projects include complete 2-D and 3-D models supplied in all popular formats
  10. Mold Flow Capabilities

Let Michiana Global Mold design and build your mold.

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