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    Since 1964, Michiana Global Mold has been a premier designer and injection mold maker domestically and off-shore for the plastic and rubber industries.

Injection Mold Makers

While there are a number of injection mold makers, few have the extensive experience for both rubber and plastics like Michiana Global Mold. Founded in 1964, our company has over half a century of perfecting the process to make some of the highest quality injection molds. There are many different types of molds ranging from the simple prototype that will need to be reworked and perfected to the extremely complex multi-cavity mold. With decades of experience, we have the necessary knowledge to repair, adjust, and update molds, even those that we did not design.
As one of the few international injection mold makers, we have focused on partnering with companies who are also experts in the field. Currently, our partnership with China has given us the added advantage of reducing the cost to produce molds without compromising the quality. From the time a mold is started through the delivery, every project is managed by a team in the US. The American team also conducts a full inspection of every off-shore shipment of molds, verifying that the molds meet customer specifications and MGM standards.

The facility in Mishawaka, Indiana is 25,000 square feet and offers everything injection mold makers need to produce quality products. When customers are not sure exactly what kind of mold will meet their needs, our experts can analyze the information and determine the right type of mold will fit the need, including multi-cavity, shuttle, and insert molds. With servicing presses up to 500 tons and high-speed CNC machining centers, Michiana Global Mold stays current on the latest advances and technology.

It isn’t just the facility and tools that make us one of the most reliable injection mold makers. The cross-functional team includes designers and toolmakers. Together, they coordinate and collaborate to find the right tools for every production need. This ensures that each product is ready for review the first time, instead of clients having to wait for multiple iterations before they have a prototype to analyze. It has resulted in Michiana Global Mold being one of the most highly regarded injection mold makers because we can develop special tools for each product. It also gives us the ability to achieve a higher professional standard than many other injection mold makers.
From our extensive experience, advanced tools and technology, international partnership, and cross-functional domestic teams, we can offer services and quality that is beyond most of our competitors. When you have an intricate or complex mold, we can modify your existing mold or start from scratch because our in-house designers have over 500 years of combined experience. Our processes are well documented, ensuring consistency through proper project oversight.

From the beginning of the project through the final design and troubleshooting, we work closely with you to make sure it meets your specific needs. This not only ensures the quality of the mold, but also reduces the amount of time it takes to get an acceptable prototype.

Our primary objective is to exceed each client’s goals and expectations.

Since 1964, Michiana Global Mold has been a premier designer and builder of both domestic and off-shore injection molds for the plastic and rubber industries.  Through both our domestic facility, Michiana Global Mold in the U.S. and our offshore facility, we have the capability to provide injection molds in the most cost-effective way, while meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations as well as the standards MG Mold sets. Our molds are used to produce plastic and rubber parts in a multitude of applications and industries such as automotive, electronic, and consumer products.  Please contact us to learn the advantages of working with MG Mold for all your plastic molded parts.