Registered to ISO 9001:2015
Manufacturing High Quality Injection Molds at Home and Abroad Since 1964.

Precision Injection Mold Making from Michiana Global Mold

injection mold makingMichiana Global Mold is a custom, precision injection mold making expert,with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing complex injection molds for a wide array of industries. We are a full-service mold shop with in-house design capabilities and vast expertise in all aspects of designing and manufacturing injection molds. At Michiana Global Mold, we specialize in complex tools with tight tolerances, providing quality steel injection molds within customer specification and on time delivery.

Our modern injection mold making facility located in the Midwest, USA, maintains the latest in technological advancements, utilizing Unigraphics software for two and three-dimensional CAD drawings, and a full line of EDM, Wire EDM, Drilling, Grinding and Milling centers. We have the capabilities to manufacture injection molds ranging from single prototypes to multi-tool programs, accommodating molds to fit presses up to 500 tons.

 Overseas Injection Mold Making with Domestic Pricing

Our partnership with Modular Molds in China adds to our vast injection mold making resources, allowing us to provide our customers with offshore tool prices while enjoying full domestic support. Modular Molds provides Mold Flow Analysis, Auto CAD and Solid Works, reverse engineering, cavity and core manufacturing, and precision injection mold making for a wide array of industries.

Modular Molds is registered to ISO 9001:2008, following our same strict quality policy abroad as in the United States. Only certified German and North American steel is used in mold construction, and final inspection is always from our United States location. We aid in the language barrier problem with offshore injection mold suppliers by providing you one domestic point of contact.

At Michiana Global Mold, we provide continual professional service and support, while providing highly skilled design, engineering and injection mold making services.

MG Mold is an ISO Registered Injection Mold Making Expert

Michiana Global Mold is registered to ISO9001:2015, meeting and exceeding our customer expectations through our commitment to total customer satisfaction. We maintain a continual improvement program, with strict adherence to our quality policy in all processes throughout the organization.

We practice reinvestment back into our organization with a capital investment program, combining the latest in technological advancements with the vast experience of our highly skilled staff. Our journeyman mold makers and expert designers are the best in the business, ready to assist in designing high quality, precision tooling for your next injection molded project.

Full Service Mold Making and Tool Shop

Michiana Global Mold specializes in the complex tooling required of critical applications such as in the Automotive Industry. We are a valued supplier to many Automotive supply chains, with the resources to provide quality injection molds to your specifications, at a competitive price, and on time.

We also serve the Electronics and Consumer Products Industries, providing precision injection mold making for intricate part designs. We are skilled at complex ejection systems with lifers, or molds requiring CAM action to meet tight geometric tolerances.

Michiana Global Mold is a full-service mold and tool shop, excelling at tight tolerance complex tooling for a wide array of industries. Contact Michiana Global Mold today, your one stop for precision injection mold making.


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