• Injection Molds – We Design and Build Custom Plastic Injection Molds

    Michiana Global Mold is one of the most experienced makers of custom injection molds for the automotive, electronics, and consumer industries.

Injection Molds – We Design and Build Custom Plastic Injection Molds

Injection_Molds.jpgWe design and build highly complex and intricate injection molds in the U.S. for the automotive, electronics and consumer products industries. Michiana Global Mold, in collaboration with our overseas partner, is a world leader in plastic injection mold building. We have the experienced resources to deliver unmatched engineering design, tool-making, and exceptional customer service. With over 600 combined years of building some of the most complicated injection molds, we have the know-how to make the most difficult molds that much of the mold building industry cannot tackle. Our partnership in China allows us to bring in both completed, and semi-finished molds at more economical prices compared to 100% domestically built molds. We stand behind all off-shore molds by managing the process to ensure all off-shore molds are completed up to customer and MGM standards before shipment.

The injection mold, injection mould, or also die are the common terms used to describe the mold tool used to produce the plastic parts in injection molding. The injection molds are typically used in the mass production of many thousands of plastic parts which are produced. Typical injection molds are made from hardened steel, pre-hardened steel, aluminum, or other metal alloys. In general, the steel molds may cost more to build, but they last longer and can produce a higher number of parts. Lesser quality steel or aluminum can be an economic choice where there is a lower volume requirement for the part.

The injection mold consists of two primary parts: the injection mold plate and the ejector mold plate. The plastic resin material is pushed into a gate in the mold and into the mold cavity or the part geometry through channels or runners. The amount of plastic resin required to fill the sections and cavities of a mold comprises what is known as a shot.

Injection Molds: Our Advantage is our long history with off-shore mold building

Our facility is located in Mishawaka, Indiana, where we build plastic injection molds including simple prototypes and intricate production molds. We design and build multi-cavity, insert, and shuttle molds and we service presses up to 500 tons. Our mold-making technology and equipment includes CAD/CAM, high speed CNC machining centers, wire and conventional EDMs, milling machines, drill presses, and surface grinders. MG Mold experienced designers and mold builders work together to build molds that are ready to produce production-ready parts the first time.

We provide our customers dedicated support and complete management from start to finish regardless of whether or not the mold is made domestically or off-shore. When ready, our experienced, expert technical team is available to provide controlled sample runs with our local injection molding partner.

In our 25,000 square foot facility, onsite equipment to build the injection molds includes:

  • Several EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Wire EDM
  • Several CNC Milling or Computerized Numerical Control
  • Engineering CAD / CAM Machines
  • Saws
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Turning
  • Inspection
  • Support Equipment
The types of molds we routinely design and build include:

  • Insert molds
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Collapsible core molds
  • Hot runner molds
  • Cold runner molds
  • Stack molds
  • Shuttle molds
  • Production molds
  • Prototype molds

Michiana Global Mold is a premier designer and builder of both domestic and off-shore injection molds for the plastic and rubber industries since 1964. Michiana Global Mold in the U.S. and  in China gives us the capabilities to provide injection molds cost-effectively while meeting customer and MG Mold standards at all times. Our molds are used to produce plastic and rubber parts in a multitude of applications and industries such as automotive, electronic, and consumer products. Please contact us to learn the advantages of working with MG Mold for all your plastic molded parts.