"World's Greatest Injection Mold Manufacturer"


Michiana Global Mold is honored to have been featured on the “World’s Greatest” television show!  The World’s Greatest is an award- winning video production dedicated to informing, entertaining, and educating viewers.   

Michiana Global Mold is a world leader in manufacturing complex, precision injection molds, specializing in tight tolerance requirements for industries that demand superior quality.  We maintain a strict quality policy adhering all processes to our ISO9001:2015 registration.  

Watch our television premiere to learn more about our innovative design and mold construction capabilities.  We employ skilled designers and journeyman mold makers, utilizing the latest in technological advancements to benefit our ultimate partners, our customers.

Whatever your molding requirement, Michiana Global Mold can produce the tooling that you need, adhering to your demanding specifications, on time and within budget.