• Plastic Injection Mold Makers

    Since 1964 MG Mold has distinguished themselves as one of the leading plastic injection mold makers domestically and overseas.

Plastic Injection Mold Makers


Michiana Global Mold stands out from the other plastic injection mold makers for many reasons. From our extensive experience to our international partnership, our focus is on providing customers with a top quality product at the best price. Our partner in China takes quality as seriously as we do. With over 500 years of combined expertise, we have the necessary knowledge and focused processes that make our injection molds nearly perfect from simple prototypes to complex and intricate molds.

Founded in 1964, Michiana Global Mold started as a small business in Mishawaka Indiana. We quickly distinguished ourselves as one of the leading plastic injection mold makers as our focus was always on communication with clients to ensure optimal results with the first finished product.

Our Plastic Injection Mold Maker Partner

Modular_Molds_Injection_Mold_Maker.jpgOur partnership in China gives us a cost advantage compared to other plastic injection mold makers. Their expertise closely aligns with ours so that you are guaranteed to have both an exceptional mold and at a competitive price. However, all of the management is done by a US team, from the start of your project through the final shipment.

Today the facility is roughly 25,000 square feet and is organized so that a wide range of mold types can be completed. To ensure the best quality of mold, the technology in the facility is kept up to date and includes several high speed CNC machining centers, both conventional and wire EDMs. All inspections are conducted with in this facility to ensure that each mold meets your specifications and needs prior to being shipped.

Plastic Injection Mold Design

injection_mold.jpgOur design teams are among our greatest assets and they handle all in-house designing and address the complexity of each request. Information and data for each mold is stored within a data sharing portal so that any communication we have with clients is easily accessible to our partners as needed. This allows us to provide some of the most efficient and effective coordination, regardless of your needs. If you require modifications to an existing mold or a completely new plastic mold, we have the necessary experience, tools, and skills to redesign or develop something that exceeds your expectations.

Michiana Global Mold has developed a reputation for being one of the leaders of plastic injection mold makers through our quality, reasonable rates, knowledge, and our attention to the customer. Whether you need a new design or to troubleshoot and issue with an existing product, our teams know the right questions to ask and how to implement the final determinations with the best results.

Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction because we take pride in the reputation we have built. We also understand that the best results come from listening and coordinating early in the process so that the production mold is ready when you need it and on budget. 

Since 1964, Michiana Global Mold, since 1964, has 500 years of combined expertise making simple prototypes to complex and intricate plastic injection molds. We have built an international partnership raising us up to a premier designer and builder of both domestic and off-shore injection molds for the plastic and rubber industries.  Our offshore facility closely aligns with our expertise so that we can provide both an exceptional mold and a competitive price. Customer satisfaction and value has always been and will always be our primary focus. Please contact us to learn the advantages of working with MG Mold for all your plastic molded parts.