• Innovative Injection Mold Maker on World’s Greatest TV Show!

    Michiana Global Mold, a high-quality, precision injection mold maker, has been selected to be featured on the “World’s Greatest” television show!

Innovative Injection Mold Maker on World’s Greatest TV Show!


Injection Mold

Michiana Global Mold, a high-quality, precision injection mold maker, has been selected to be featured on the “World’s Greatest” television show!  The World’s Greatest TV show is filmed by award winning and state-of-the-art video producers from How 2 Media in Boynton Beach, FL.   The World’s Greatest is dedicated to informing, educating, and entertaining viewers, giving a “behind the scenes” look at unique and innovative companies, products, people and places all over the world.

We are honored and excited to be included in a segment of the show, which airs on Monday, April 10th, at 6 am EST.  Please tune in or set your DVR to record our episode #241 which airs on Channel 305 with Direct TV, or on Channel 250 with Dish Network.  (you may see this as “paid programming” on your guide) You can also click on this link to view the TV Listing online.  

Innovative Injection Mold Maker

Michiana Global Mold is an innovative injection mold maker with over 600 years of combined experience, serving various industries with custom, precision injection molds and machining services since 1952.  We specialize in high-quality tight tolerance injection molds, for precision custom injection molding, and are also a full-service machine shop.

Our injection molding services include mold designs from experienced engineers, utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM software and manufacturing integration with our milling centers.  Our journeyman moldmakers are the best in the business, with decades of experience constructing complicated, precision tooling for the injection molding industry.

We are a valued supplier to many industries including Automotive and Consumer Electronics, maintaining a rigid Quality Control system.  Michiana Global Mold is an ISO9001:2015 Registered mold making shop, practicing continual improvement in all areas of the business.  Total customer satisfaction is our goal.

Offshore Mold Making with Domestic Service

Michiana Global Mold maintains a partnership with Modular Mold in China, where we can provide full service mold making capabilities with offshore mold pricing, while providing top notch domestic service.  We maintain complete control of your mold building project, and give you total support and service from our domestic location in the United States. 

Our shop in China is also registered to ISO9001, adhering to the same strict Quality policies of our location in theUnited States, and producing molds built only with certified steel from Germany and North America.   Testing and inspection is performed prior to shipment back to the United States, including CMM inspection, Hantom projecting cameras, 3D – TESA Micro height gauges, Electronic computer altimeters, and an assortment of microscopes and electronic measuring devices.

Further testing and final inspection is performed from our United States location, providing added assurances that your tool will perform as required.

Value Added Services – More than Just an Injection Mold Maker

Both our domestic and overseas mold making facilities offer reverse engineering from our highly skilled design and engineering department.  We utilize SolidWorks and Unigraphics to generate 2D and 3D drawings, and mold flow analysis is available for the most complicated of designs where evaluation of material flow in critical dimensions is vital. This ensures that any critical geometrical dimensions are identified prior to cutting steel, giving you quality parts, in spec, and on time.  

Michiana Global Mold can also provide tool status reports, heat treat inspection reports, ISIRs and Mold Certifications.

Brass Forging Dies

In addition to our custom injection mold making services, we also specialize in brass forging dies, supplying quality dies for brass forging applications.  Brass forgings provide durable parts for use in several industries including plumbing and water flow, automotive, aerospace, heating and cooling, lawn and garden and medical applications.

We have vast experience providing long lasting, high quality forging dies within your specifications and your budget, and delivered within your time frame. 

Industry Leaders in Injection Mold Making and Machining

Michiana Global Mold has been a leader in the mold making industry since 1952, reinvesting back into the company with state-of-the-art equipment and technological advances.  Our expertise combined with our modern equipment provide the best value to you, our customer and ultimate partner.  Our main focus is total customer satisfaction, practiced throughout our entire organization with top down management involvement. 

Contact Michiana Global Mold today to see how we can help you with even your most complicated mold design or machining project.  We offer decades of knowledge and experience as injection mold makers, including complicated designs for precision molding.