• Domestic Service with Benefits of Mold Makers in China

    If you are tasked with finding off-shore injection mold makers in China, there are many points toconsider for a successful program launch.

Domestic Service with Benefits of Mold Makers in China


Injection Mold MakingIf you are tasked with finding off-shore injection mold makers in Chinathere are many points to consider for a successful program launch.  Michiana Global Mold is a custom precision injection mold supplier that has been providing quality Class A steel molds for production in various industries since 1952.   We have a partnership with Modular Mold, our China mold maker, and can assist you with all considerations so that you can focus on your project requirements.

You will not have to worry about the initial research and travel involved with utilizing an off-shore mold making company.  We have also removed the language barrier, and can assure that your tool will be produced with quality steel and craftsmanship, meeting or exceeding your specifications.

Initial Research and Travel

When first beginning your search for an offshore injection mold maker, it may seem that the travel and research required make it cost prohibitive.   That may be the case if you had to go it alone, but fortunately Michiana Global Mold has performed all travel and research for you and can offer you our expertise from our domestic location in northern Indiana, United Sta We make several trips per year to our partner Modular Mold in China, and maintain constant communication on all project builds.

Qualifications and Quality of Mold Makers China

You will also want to know the quality of steel and complexity of molds produced by the China source you are considering.   Some injection mold makers in China produce sub-standard molds due to poor steel quality.  All of our molds are produced using only North American or German steels.  With our experience and constant communication with our China plant, you can rest assured that your mold will be produced of the top grade of steel to last longer than your project needs.

Language Barrier

One of the biggest drawbacks to searching for an off-shore mold supplier from China is the language barrier.  In order to be sure you are getting the quality and precision that your project requires, you must be able to communicate clearly to whomever is constructing your tool.  Typically, these projects cost several thousand dollars, and you surely do not want to leave anything to chance.   Language barrier is not an issue for Michiana Global Mold, as we are in constant contact and communication with our China partner, Modular Mold.   Your main point of contact will be our project management team in the US thus eliminating this potential obstacle.

Quality of Steel and Craftsmanship

Our mold building facility in China follows the same strict guidelines for quality steel, using certified German and North American Steel grades.  decades of experience constructing quality custom injection molds, Michiana Global Mold has vast knowledge of the quality of steel required for a quality tool.

Reverse Engineering & Analysis

When you need a complex quality tool, you cannot afford to find problematic areas after mold construction.  Michiana Global Mold can provide you with several value-added services for our domestic and offshore molds.  With the ability to produce 2D and 3D drawings utilizing Solid Works and Unigraphics software, we can identify critical dimensions early in the design phase.

Mold Flow Analysis is another available tool for properly identifying material flow to critical areas.  Reverse Engineering is available from our master design engineers, utilizing the latest in technological advancements.

Lead Times

The lead time is always an important factor when deciding on a mold supplier, and when waiting on your tool to ship from overseas any delay can make you nervous.  Because our facility in China is over 40,000 square feet with more than 75 employees, we have the capacity and the manpower to complete your project within your lead times.  Project management is coordinated from our United States location, maintaining constant communication, and tool status reports are available to keep you abreast of project completion.

Testing and Inspection

All Final Inspection is performed in the United States.  Both our Northern Indiana plant and our location in China are registered to ISO9001:2015 and ISO9001:2008 respectively.  We adhere to all policies and procedures, practicing continual improvement projects at both locations to share in cost saving efforts.


Shipping is coordinated in order to meet your desired lead times, while allowing for testing and final inspection.  We have the ability to run sample parts of tools constructed.  You will be in the loop with communication during and after mold construction.

Partial or Full Mold Construction

Utilizing our injection mold making facility in China, it is possible to coordinate  semi-finished or fully-finished offshore molds at an economical price with up to 40% cost savings.  All mold types are available including Prototype, Production, Insert, Cold or Hot Runner Molds, Shuttle Molds, Collapsible Unscrewing Molds and Three-Plate Molds.

Michiana Global Mold Provides Custom Solutions

With our vast experience and technology, we can create a custom solution for you based on your project requirements.  Our knowledgeable engineers are part of a highly functional team with the tools ready to assist you with from the beginning of your project needs.

We can provide domestic communication, quality and lead times, with the economical option of utilizing injection mold makers in China.  If you are searching for a one-stop shop to make your task easier, contact Michiana Global Mold for the answers to your questions.

Michiana Global Mold has been a superior supplier of high quality plastic injection molds for various industries including automotive, consumer electronics, medical and defense, for over 50 years.   We strive to maintain high customer satisfaction through continual product and process improvement at both our United States and China location