• What are the Benefits of ISO 9001 Registration

    There are many benefits of ISO 9001 2015 Registration, we have highlighted below the Main Benefits of Conformance to ISO Standards

What are the Benefits of ISO 9001 Registration

 Why is ISO So Important? 

There are many benefits of Registration we have highlighted below what we consider to be the Top Five Main Benefits conformance to ISO Standards.  ISO9001:2015 globally accepted of Quality Standards that provides uniform methods of measurement to an organization’s quality systems.  A Certificate of Conformance is issued upon successfully passing an external audit performed by a highly-trained auditor. 

se worldwide standards were recently upgraded to a new version, referred to as ISO9001:2015, replacing the prior version of ISO9001:2008.   While the new standards are structured similarly for ease in managing multiple systems, the main difference in these versions is an increased focus on leadership engagementrisk management

ISO is applicable to many different industries including manufacturing, health care and service.  While any business would benefit by using ISO as a guideline to improving their business through product and process improvement, it is especially beneficial to manufacturers, including mold building companies

comprised of many different sections, referred to as standards, which address several areas of the business entity, some of which are: 

  • Business Planning including Mission, Vision, and Goals 
  • Product and Process Controls 
  • Continual Improvement Projects in those Processes 
  • Methods of Auditing the Effectiveness of your Systems 
  • Corrective Actions when necessary 
With the constant increase of global trade, ISO Registration is a valuable tool.  Conformance provides a level playing field for companies to conduct business.  Providing a copy of an ISO Certification says a lot, most importantly that you passed a rigorous audit of all your systems, from business management to purchasing, production and shippingIf you bring on a new supplier that is ISO Registered, you can skip some steps in your vendor qualification process, saving you time
Adding an ISO Registered supplier to your supply chain gives added assurances of working with a quality minded, responsive team.  An organization must be audited in all areas of their process, providing written documentation and proof of effectivenessThe ultimate goal of conformance to all standards is two-fold: Improved EfficiencyTotal Customer Satisfaction While we could spend all day discussing the benefits of ISO Registration, we’ll divulge what we consider to be the benefits of Conformance.  

Main Benefits of ISO9001:2015 Registration

Conforming to ISO Registration forces you to

Identify your processesvaluate Effectiveness 

Processes includes inputs, the resources needed to attain your goal – your desired output.  Each process needs a process owner, a responsible party for ensuring that your resources are adequate, and that the process is meeting its goals.   The process owner must determine the best way to measure the effectiveness of the resources, and implement corrective actions when necessary.

2.     Creates a Goal-Oriented

Process owners must collaborate with other team members to achieve their goals.  This requires a can-do attitude from all employees involved.  Each employee should be aware of the company’s quality policy, be able to recite it if asked, and know exactly how their role in the organization contributes to the overall business goals. 

For teams to be successful, involvement from top management is mandatory.   Top-Management down involvement improves morale, contributing to a well-developed and productive team. 

Improve fficiency = mproved rofits

 A motivated team, working together with clearly defined goals will continue to find ways to work more efficiently.  Improvements in efficiency equate to an improved bottom line

4.  Reinforces the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) business improvement process.  

  • Plan – set your objectives and establish a plan of action to achieve them
  • xecute the plan with a structured framework
  • Check your results against your objectives 
  • to make corrections and improvements.

Can be applied to any process and is utilized throughout the entire ISO process

5.  Enforces the Golden Rule: Total Customer Satisfaction is ALWAYS the Main Goal

Throughout every section of every standard, it always comes back to total customer satisfaction.  Why do you do what you do?  Customer satisfaction comes through in many avenues including increased business (increased profits), referrals, and a valued business partnership.  A business that values their partnerships and shares in their improvements, will have satisfied customers.  Successful businesses with satisfied customers can invest and plan for the future. 

ISO Practices at Michiana Global Mold

Michiana Global Moldpleased toRegistered to ISO 9001:2015 and we hope we have highlighted what are the benefits of ISO 9001 for you.Implement our Quality Policy throughout the organization, with Down Management InvolvementOwners Eric Karaman and Dave Razzano believe in empowering all employees by providing the latest in technological advances to complement the knowledge and experience of our highly skilled staff.  This combination of knowledge and technology enhances the skills of our expert mold designers and journeyman mold makers, resulting in an experienced, dedicated team. 
We utilize modern equipment and maintain a capital investment program, focusing on improvements in efficiency. Continual improvement projects are conducted on regular intervals to better serve our customers with quick turn-around on quality precision molds, no matter the size or complexity.  This allows us to share in cost saving efforts, offering rebates to high-volume customers! 
Michiana Global Mold has an ISO Registered off-shore mold building operation as well, allowing us to provide both semi-finished and fully finished molds at an economical price, saving up to 40% in most cases. savings can be realized on all tool types: Prototypes, Production and Insert MoldsHot Runner and Cold Runner MoldsShuttle and Over Moldsnscrewing MoldsCollapsible Core Moldsand 3-Plate Molds. 
We are an experienced supplier of quality precision molds for various industries, with a focus on precision tools for the automotive industry.  Our missionaintain high customer satisfaction through continual product and process improvement. 

Michiana Global Mold is Registered to ISO 9001:2015, implementing our Quality Policy throughout the organization with top down management involvement.  We have been supplying top-quality, custom precision injection molds for over 52 years.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your injectionbuilding needs